June/July 2021 Island Trip – Day 13

My first order of business was to go to town and slay a list that included the hardware store, some family birthday shopping, and the market for dinner shopping for company tomorrow evening.

I did a new thing upon my return… I rewired a light fixture from a standard 110 plug to a twist lock 110 plug! This was for the dark room, now a light room. The hardware store only had one of these gadgets. S’ok. I”ll bring another one on my next trip. Anyways, the space, bedecked with LED bulbs in now looking like it’ll be functional. See below!

My AN bowed out on looking at the structural question in the lower barn. He hopes to be here tomorrow morning.

I washed down my dad’s darkroom sinks. They are nothing you’d want in your bathroom, and yet they cleaned up beautifully! They gleam with potential! And the drain plumbing is tight! The supply plumbing is broken somewhere under concrete… My thought had been to move the sink setup into the larger part of the building. Running a hose from the well’s pressure tank to where this in now gave me pause. Makes me want to trouble shoot, or at least consider all the plumbing options before moving 11 feet of cabinet and sink through a 6’ opening 😜.

I want to use this setup to dye fabric with local, natural ingredients.

I love planning on repurposing my dad’s equipment, that he used to use to create his art, to create art I have in my mind’s eye.

I had a lovely chat with my tenant today. I exited the pump room (lower barn) for he 67th time, and there she was hanging laundry on the line, below the garden. We talked for most of 45 minutes about many things, including that she very much wants to keep renting the house (lease is up on 8/31). I very much want her to keep doing so 💜. I’ll redraft the lease and get it to her by the end of July.

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