June/July 2021 Island Trip – Day 14

I’m waiting for friends from the mainland to arrive for dinner, and confess to a fair amount of anxiety. We’ve known the couple since we were kids, tho like us, they were not a couple back in the day. They are about 10-years older than we are, and he is getting less and less socially able as he gets older. He holds court, rather than conversation. And his recall is waning. She is a delight. Her brother, who we’ve never met will be with them.

In other news, our AN confirms that some steel plates (which he will manufacture for us) on either side of the sistered trusses in the lower barn are all that’s needed to make sure everything is structurally sound!! I’ll remove the framing between the two spaces on my next trip. Our AN brought his wife with him. She is a treasure, and it was wonderful to see her. She loved seeing Stella, and is a seasoned RV camper. Our AN is also going to remove a (scary) catalytic heater from Stella (think open propane flame in a metal box), and see if he can take the propane supply hose from the heater and create a hookup for an external BBQ! And he’s calling a guy who knows a guy on the Island who does scrap metal. Perhaps it’ll go away all at once without effort… 😳 All the above are examples as to why our Amazing Neighbor has his nickname!

Hopefully the second enlarger will be picked up tomorrow. Otherwise the day is without obligation.

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