Dinner was far more enjoyable than I imagined it was going to be. Our friend was, perhaps, more comfortable than usual in the presence of his sweetheart. While he held down a lot of the conversation, others were allowed to participate. Her brother is quite the ornithologist, and we sat in front of Stella for an hour watching the bird life of the early evening, where I learned more about my local bird-life, with some of the most amazing binoculars I’ve had the pleasure of looking through. They are spending today on a guided bird watching tour with an Island expert and author on the subject.

I did learn that, even when using the BBQ, dinner for four creates an overwhelming number of dishes in the absence of a dishwasher, or a real dish drainer. You are also trying not to over flow the grey water tank, or run out of propane (hot water). The kitchen got clean, but it took three waves of dish washing!! 😳😂🦩 That’s Airstream Livin’!

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