June/July 2021 Island Trip – Day 16

Closing up went easily, including setting up the timer for the soaker hose on the slope below Stella’s pad. I watched the connection carefully as we didn’t bring a pressure reducer for the setup (next time). Things looked good, and the slope will get water three mornings a week.

Yesterday afternoon I took an old rusted gong, made a clacker for it out of a big rusty screw bolt, and attached it to a tree up slope of Stella. It’ll take a hella of a wind to make it go off, but it’s kinda sweet.

Old gong, with dad’s screw bolt clapper.
The metal offerings for the recycle place. It’s a dense load.

And now I’m on the boat heading across the inland sea. There are pockets of low fog in the distance, crab pot floats bob near the shore of the other islands. We’re passing a ferry dock that used to be run by the nuns of the local convent, for whom my mom did some book conservatorship a long time ago. People are trying to sail… The waters are almost too calm this time of year. Power boats strut around here and there. The water literally sparkles. The beauty of this archipelago never gets old. I’ll make the journey back in 5-weeks.

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