High School Reunion…

Our 40th high school reunion is next month 😳. When the call went out, on Facebook, looking for interest and help, I said I’d make a flier. This is easy for me. Left-handed, half asleep with jet lag, I can crank out a simple flier with a low opacity photographic background of the scene of your choice (probably swiped from the interwebs), add text blocks, and Boom, easy invite.

The classmate heading up organizing the reunion got in touch and we went over wording ideas, dates, places and times. I had a draft together in 15-minutes, but needed some additional questions answered for wording… The answers were not forthcoming, so I used my linguist prowess (not that one should have to for a simple flier, but there were class politics involved 🙄), and sent the draft with BOLD ITALICS where I needed input. Nothing. Next I new the dates changed. I sent a new draft with new dates. Still zero reply/input. The Next data point was that the dates were rolled back because some classmates had bought airline tickets for the first dates. Still nothing from the person in charge, until Monday. Then it was rush, rush, rush. We texted back and forth until I asked for the the still missing information I needed, and she stopped replying!! I’ll stop torturing you with my torture… I finally got ahold of the party’s co-pilot, who doesn’t have email, messenger or anyway of receiving the now completed flier, and she referred me to a third classmate to whom I emailed the flier last night.

I’ve always despised groups projects. Next time I’ll bring beer.

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