Class Action Law Suit

A suit was filed against the company that owns the assisted living community mom lived in. I received a postcard and two stacked of paper work regarding it about a month ago. You could:

  • Do nothing to opt-in, but give up your right to sue the company in a separate action.
  • Opt-in, but retain your right to object to the details/outcome of the suit.
  • Opt-in on behalf of your deceased family member (my choice), and send the required paperwork, while also giving up your right to sue to company in a separate action.
  • Opt-out, and retain your right to sue the company in a separate action.

I called the outfit who is handling the details to ask very specific questions about what exactly they needed from a family member of a deceased class action participant. What constitutes a “sworn statement.” Do I use swear words? Do I say “I swear?” Or toss my Letters of Testamentary around as my mom’s executor. The latter seemed to be what was needed, and this morning I put it all together and email and mailed everything. I received an email confirmation receipt within an hour.

The case is about resident assessment fees not going toward leveling up staffing, which is what those fees are suppose to do… “Your mom needs more help. We will need to hire for this. The cost is $x.xx. Across a community this is happening all the time. Evidently, in two states, the company didn’t fulfill their obligation to hire staff based on resident assessments. Having an in at mon’s community, I know this was happening. The settlement, being based on the resident’s community fee, is not an insignificant amount of money in mom’s case…

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