Sweet Chat with My Uncle

My uncle called me twice yesterday, in quick succession. I was in the middle of both fluorescent to LED fixture and bulb conversion choices, and couldn’t take his call. I called him back this evening and had an engaging conversation.

He told me about an intern who’s going to start working with him on his photograph files tomorrow, the history of floods from the upstairs neighbor, the folks (some going all the way back to high school) that he’s been keeping in touch with, his desire to travel, that he and my aunt looked into what sounds like a retirement community that wouldn’t let them live together because he has some illness that gives him trouble with his memory… He didn’t remember what the illness was. I encouraged him/them to keep looking because any retirement/assisted living community that separates a couple because one of them had memory struggles was a bunch of bullshit. We talked for 45 minutes. It was a delight. I am seldom able to describe conversations with my uncle in just that way. It felt really good.

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