Touching Base with an Old Friend of My Parents

I made contact with the person I wasn’t able to see on the Island earlier this month due to flakey ferries. We had a Zoom call this morning. I’ve known him since I was, probably, a tween. He was always a grownup in my eyes, and then my folks and his folks became fast friends (and they all traveled together). And here we are, out the other side of a 40+ year pause in my participation of the social scene he and our folks were part of, and we are contemporaries. Funny what time does. His child is less than half the age of my youngest child!

We talked about lots of things in catching up, getting to understand who the other person had become. The best part was doing a little time traveling about when and where certain things had happened with our folks. I was able to fill in some gaps for him and he for me.

I don’t think we will ever strike up a friendship that never was, yet with both of us in this world without our parents, it sure was lovely to chat with someone I knew from days long gone by about people we both loved and appreciated.

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