We’re trying a new recycling service for 6-months called Ridwell. They pickup every other week, taking plastic ‘films’ of many description that regular recycling won’t accept, light bulbs, batteries, ‘threads,’ and a revolving alternate. We are flabbergasted at how much plastic we no longer throw out. I felt guilty last time I was on the Island, tossing SO much plastic I could have recycled with Ridwell. Going forward, those plastics will come back to the mainland with me for proper disposal.

This summer, in preparation for structural work for our kitchen remodel, I’ve emptied the attic. This means going through the contents of seemingly endless bins and boxes. As mentioned in prior posts, my children’s’ baby clothes are part of this triage, separated into ‘keep,’ ‘donate,’ and ‘threads.’ Ridwell’s ‘threads’ bag is for any piece of fabric, clothes, or shoes (and probably a lot more). In going through the incredible amount of clothing I saved (don’t do this to yourself!!) there were items that weren’t salvageable. The idea of tossing my children’s sweet outfits was very painful. Placing them into the ‘threads’ bag was an acceptable alternative. They will be recycled. Further… Last week, my grandson and I explored a bag of items of my grandmother’s. Mom gave these things to me at least 15-years ago. I’m talking my grandma’s nylon stockings and garter belt! And hankies, an un-mendable lace hat, a sweater that a fit 10-year old wouldn’t be able to get into (in part because people in the early part of the 20th century were much smaller than we are now), and a pair of PANTIES!!! Obviously, I didn’t look at this ancestral hand-me-down too closely when I receive it. Yes, I kept a number of things, and the items I didn’t are in the ‘threads’ bag.

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