First World Let Down

I’ve spent the last 5-days hustling our garage and kitchen getting ready for our new fridge. This is the first element of the kitchen redo. One orders appliances, well everything really, as far in advance of the project (any project) as possible these days… Covid kinda wiped out the world’s supply chain. I placed the appliance order early last week and the fridge was available!! This was like Christmas in July for real!

Endless things were unloaded so cabinets could be moved. These things were triaged, tossed, put in a ‘haz-mat’ box, given away etc. This morning I unloaded the old (15-years old as it turns out) fridge into two coolers, and scrubbed it, it’s drawers, and shelves down thoroughly. All its innards are in the garage. If I wore a fitness tracker, it would be spitting fireworks on its screen over the number of flights of stairs I’ve walked up (and down) in the last five days. My knees are grumpy about the stairs. I rolled the old fridge out of its spot, undid the waterline (you can’t reuse), wiped down the floor and baseboard, and took a tea break. That’s when the delivery truck showed up. The first thing the guys discovered was a dent in the back left corner.

A number of years ago I would have said, “That’s OK. That corner will be deep in a cabinet. No one will ever see it.” Today I kindly and gently said, “Oh dear… I can’t take delivery of a damaged fridge.” I did not blame the delivery guys, didn’t get grumpy with them, or anyone. But when you spend a lot of money on a new appliance, it needs to arrive in perfect condition. My sales guy is on getting another one out to us.

Meanwhile, with all the innards of the old fridge in the garage, all the food and inexplicable number of condiments in two coolers in the dining room, I am just kind of done. This is a first world problem, and I’m not complaining particularly hard or loudly. Maybe just fussing a little. When my DH is ready to take a break from work, he’ll bring up the fridge innards, and we’ll put the old girl back together, and edit condiments as we go. We’ve decided to live without re-hooking up water to the old fridge. That un-reusable waterline is pricy to replace, and we can make ice the old-fashion way for a couple of weeks. We’ll sling the wee bar fridge in the garage spot created for the 15-year old fridge, and put all the canned and bottled drinks back into it so I can get to the washer and drier, but maybe tomorrow after I have a chance to scrub the wee fridge. 🙄

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