I’ve mentioned more than once how my parent’s belongings filled up a tremendous amount of cubic in our home, and the relief I felt at reclaiming one guess bedroom, albeit one of its walls serves as a library. We have company coming in for the weekend, which has sent me on a moderate cobweb and dust removal bent. It’s funny how when entertaining is put on hiatus, you let the spiders take over certain corners…

As I readied (a dust and vacuum) the guest room, it was suddenly clear that the ‘library wall’ could be maximized by swapping the two large (almost 7’ tall) shelves, my former father-in-law made, out with the two little ones that are in that room now. The big ones will join the existing large (7-footer) shelf already in the room. This involves a Lot of book shuffling. It’s so worth it! At the end of the day, the room that used to house 8 big book shelves, months ago, will be down to one large one and two medium sized shelves of books, I think…! THEN, there will be room to bring my mom’s archives up from our second guest room. Yes, this sounds like a whole lot of moving about, but to consolidate these items into one room, freeing a second room, feels like a measure of control returning to my life. Not only that I can address the matter at all, but that it’s all been chipped away at enough that it can happen feels like a big win! Slowly, slowly, I’m reclaiming space.

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