A Humming Bird Named “Asshole”

I attached a birch branch to a corner of our upper deck railing for a vining annual to grow on. The plant happily took over the branch until it drowned when its pot stopped draining. Alas. I swapped out the pot, added a another plant, and left the birch branch in place.

We have two humming bird feeders on this deck. They are at 90 degrees from each other. The birch branch has a view to both feeders. Hummers are notoriously territorial, and we are constantly entertained by their aerial battles. Two days ago I had lunch out on the deck and observed ‘Asshole’ sitting on an upper twig of the birch branch. He (metallic red head) would chirp a warning and take off like a Harrier Jump Jet in fast pursuit after any interloper who dared take a sip from either feeder. Like, once every minute at times. He didn’t want to drink (save once and a while), but to keep others from drinking. I named him Asshole. Yesterday at lunch we observed there was one female he allowed to the feeder! He’s still an Asshole!

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