August 2021 Island Trip – Day 3

I spent the bulk of the day listening to music, drinking tea, and sewing. It was kinda wonderful. Last year I took what’s called a ‘layer cake,’ in the quilting world (dye-cut 10” squares), of heathered flannels and created a pleasing layout on Stella’s bed. I picked up the fabric carefully so I could recreate the pattern. Some months later, the local craft shop had two ‘charm packs’ (dye-cut 5” squares) of the same fabric! I acquired them. Recently I ran into this:


The quilt above is easy, and pleasing (to me). I rethought my original plans for this fabric. In regards to the above, rather than have the double sashing around each block, and four patch in between each set of blocks, I’m going to keep it to a single sashing, and single charm (5”) between each set of blocks.

The sashing is installed in the horizontal rows (layered over each other to fit on the limited space the bed affords), and I’ve got some grey placed (horizontally!) in between the vertical rows, but not sewn in yet. It’ll be a scrappy, cozy quilt when it’s done.

The reunion gathering started at 5 at the local Grange Hall. There was a nice turnout. I stayed, enjoying (mostly) catching up with classmates until my DH’s boat came in. One thing I really like about how our reunions are organized is that anyone who was in the class is invited. It doesn’t matter if you moved away before graduation, or didn’t graduate. You are part of the clan. That’s life in a small town.

My DH and I got out to the property around 10, and then stayed up too late catching up and playing backgammon. We also discussed our camping trip next week and what the possibilities were that he’d be able to make the trip. He would only be able to make if for the weekend. It’d be most of an 8-hour round trip drive for him to spend less than 2-days. I’d have to return from the Island and spend two days getting the little trailer together in order to go camping, mostly, by myself. We decided I’d stay on here, because why come home for two days to rush off to be by myself some more?

My DH will be back next weekend. 💜

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