August 2021 Island Trip – Day 5

I returned to a People Magazine, snack bar and fresh picked tomatoes (on the the table next to Stella’s front door) from my neighbor to the north, upon my return from Tim’s where I ran a load of laundry, and took a regular shower (as apposed to a ‘drought’ shower). Tim was transporting his son back home to the mainland, and with the house to myself, I vacuumed for him. His mobility, while better for someone finally suggesting he use ice packs for inflammation, is not such that he should use his time or energy cleaning. I felt delightfully sneaky! My Northern neighbor is very sweet. I have a single serving of Cooks champagne she gave us an Christmas!

After hanging the laundry out to dry there was just enough time to turn around before my eastern neighbor picked me up to go mussel picking. We met two of her colleagues at a historic site and set off to the beach. Many miles and mussels later, we arrived back to the parking lot where I could not find my friend’s car key, which she had placed in my care because I had pockets and she did not. I put on another couple of miles looking in the two logical trail locations/areas it could have fallen out of my pocket. There was no point looking on the beaches as the tide was coming in, and I had walked all over the beaches and there was no way to retrace my steps in the mud.

While I was gone, the others called AAA. This is an Island. AAA makes service promises for its members that the local providers can’t always keep, like one hour arrival times. About 2-hours later a couple of guys showed up and broke into my friend’s car. Thankfully, her spare key was in her purse, in the car. She won’t let me pay for the not insignificantly expensive replacement key.

We got back to our ‘hood, I took in the dry laundry, cleaned the mussels and am cooking moules frites for dinner. Mussels and French fries. A classic French dish.

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