August 2021 Island Trip – Day 7

My eastern neighbor helped me remove the remaining big fluorescent light fixtures in the lower barn. It took us less than 20-minutes, including moving things around in order to make the removal easier. Now if I could only find someone to take them off my hands! This sort of task is always combined with sweeping up, and using the shop vac.

I weed whacked my mom’s perennial garden, taking care to retain the remaining plants, and then hand-trimmed around about half of the the plants. While it’s not even a shadow of what it was, having it’s shape back again feels really good. I also thwacked the little raised beds, the perimeter of two of the out buildings, and finally ran out of line in dad’s garden. It was time to stop! I’ll have the fellow who does this sort of work for me back when the grass starts growing in earnest again. The slope below Stella’s pad also got more attention late this afternoon (after the sun was off of the slope). I took care of some electronic paperwork, did some hand wash laundry, tightened the bathroom sink plumbing, put the bathroom cabinet back together, and took a nap (!).

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