August 2021 Island Trip – Day 8

The day started with one of my classmate’s girl friend (and daughter of a friend of my parents) stopping by to take a look at my dad’s kiln. She’s a glass artist. The kiln is a high fire ceramic kiln. The two arts need very different kilns. After the second person stopped by today hoping to find a free glass kiln, I edited my post! Kristen did adopt a number of things, including three 3’ steel yard-sticks for her work bench. They don’t melt when molten glass is next to them. My heart is full knowing that an artist is using my dad’s tools. 💜

Our AN and his son came down and took the pump room door off its frame for me, as arranged, and placed it on our sawhorses. I took everything off the door (lock, hinges, and window grid on the one side that could be removed), wiped down the business side, and got a first coat of paint applied. It’s too complicated to explain, but the double pane of glass in the door, with it’s grid removed, eventually lost its shit (adhesive) and dropped to the floor. This was not an evident concern when removing the grid. Only one side of the double pane of glass broke, 😳 and I’ll be able to put the whole thing back together while waiting for a new double pane glass unit to arrive. Meanwhile the medium sage green on the exterior of the door looks great. And it’s paint specifically for an exterior door… And it’s a steel door… What I’m obliquely trying to say is, install the right door for the right situation… I don’t want to worry about a (prior) wooden door on a southern exposure, much less take care of that door (which it wasn’t) every year. I swept up the glass, put a second coat of paint on, and then exited the pump room.

Some months ago my DH resurrected a fishing-net deer-fencing solution of my father’s along a part of his garden. Today I continued that work, but used zip-ties rather than the triangular pieces of steel my dad had used to connect the fishing net to the thin, and still viable, stainless steel (very fancy!) wire. The next part of the fencing I considered was an 8’ opening where that stainless wire (that runs along the top of the fence posts) had been cut. I found the piece of stainless wire, uncoiled it to make sure it reached to the next fence post and then began to wrap it up. A humming bird came to sit on the stainless wire I had wrapped into a loop. 18” from my face. We looked at each other. I talked to the sweet bird. It stayed for most of a minute. I feel blessed for this encounter,

Another coat of paint was put on the door, more weeding on Stella’s slope, and some additional stones placed on the boarder. Two more peeps stopping by to look at the kiln tomorrow.

First coat of paint. Note old door to the right!

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