August 2021 Island Trip – Day 9

Lots of medium and small things happened today:

  • Hawthorn, trimmed off the garden fence early this spring, and not finished by the deer, got moved to the burn pile.
  • I put a gate back on an entrance to the garden. It needs some work, but it’s no longer lying on the ground.
  • The sprayer got cleaned, and I’m happy to report the ‘yuck’ I used in the sprayer has been most effective on the Canadian thistle that is trying to take over.
  • It RAINED!!
  • Errands to: return a large structural bracket that was too small, drop a few things at the consignment shop (where she gave $40!), and groceries.
  • Flip and painted the first coat on the interior side of the pump room door. Given the weather, only one coat as it did not dry nearly as fast as yesterday.
  • Haul out the big (10+ feet) ladder to make sure the plumbing vents are clear on Stella. They are.
  • I moved the white cabinet away from the wall in the lower barn. Its back edge was sitting on a length of wood attached to the wall, rather than the cabinet, so now the cabinet is leaning back a good bit. Why, dad, why?? My goal is to get it in the upper barn, but this will take more people, plus ingenuity as it weighs a hell of a lot.
  • Made a salad and have dinner at Tim’s, plus bummed another load of laundry off him 😏.

The biggest win of the day was having dad’s kiln adopted by a guy who makes knives. He needs it to heat steel up to 500 degrees. Between taking a look at it and picking it up, he researched how to get digital readout for it, and clean up its cracked interior. This person is also an electrician, which makes me comfortable as the kiln is old, uses 220 power, and could stand to be rewired.

Gate back in place.

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