August 2021 Island Trip – Day 10

After putting a final coat of paint on the pump room door, taking and placing a small load of rock from dad’s garden to Stella’s garden, checking one of the apple trees, and then taking an apple to my eastern neighbor, I returned to my mom’s perennial garden to continue working on getting grasses out of the remaining plants. This was meditative and easy work until I brought my right calf and thigh together, and then while sitting, swung that leg over a scrappy lavender in order to bring both legs into alignment. My right knee went POP! I’ve been moving carefully ever since. Ice helped. The knee does not want any lateral instability, which not the natural lay of the land here. The rest of the day was spent doing gentle things on concrete (flat) floors or in Stella, in my very stabile Merrills. The garden hasn’t looked this good in 5-years. I mean it still looks pretty bad, but it’s all a relative!

Most of the hardware is back on the pump room door, a large piece of modern art on the lower barn wall is much cleaner than it was, Stella was treated to a little housekeeping (meaning the vacuum got cussed out again 😅), I read a lot, and our eastern neighbor stopped by to share some good news.

My DH is on a ferry right now. We’ll have a late shrimp salad for dinner, stay up too late catching up and playing backgammon. He’s staying until Sunday. I return home on Monday. Tomorrow is our 22nd anniversary. I’m going to try and find a crab for us at the port!

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