August 2021 Island Trip – Day 11

We did indeed stay up way too late, slept in, had a farmer’s breakfast after which my DH took a long deserved nap. I puttered, taking care of small bits and pieces in the barns.

We found our crab at the port, fresh out of the pot. It was too hot to take home, and so we strolled the docks for 15-minutes while the fish monger cooled the crab on ice. We are in absolute agreement about NOT being boat people. Big ostentatious boats are fun to look at and appreciate, but we do not run with this league of folks. We are happy to be able to afford to care for two old trailers.

After picking up the crab and making a quick stop at the grocery, we headed home. The afternoon included rehanging the pump room door, checking out Stella’s built-in antenna, walking the orchard, figured out how to handle a piece of fencing in the garden, determining that I need to rewire a light fixture before deploying it in the lower barn, and exploring how to jack up a structural element in the lower barn before adding steel reinforcements. A normal day in the country!

We enjoyed backgammon and local smoked scallops in front of Stella while enjoying our evening games of backgammon. The pastoral view is lovely. Crab was amazing. It was a wonderful day. 💜

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