August 2021 Island Stay – Day 12

After a repeat of yesterday’s lazy morning, we:

  • Decided the wheelbarrow was worth putting a few minutes of labor into as well as a couple of washers and screws to hold it together. We will also treat it to a solid tire. There are just some things that one doesn’t need to do anymore… Reinflating wheelbarrow tires is one of them.
  • This was all my DH – He installed the metal straps I bought on either side of the sistered 2×6’s in the lower barn’s, ah, redesigned structural system. I can remove the framing between the two spaces in the barn now!
  • Picked fruit from three of the apples and the plum. 20 pounds of plums and likely more apples.
  • Figured out a beefy compressor does work (also all my DH!), and now need to find some useful fittings for it.
  • Loaded the truck with steel shelving for our son-in-law, and the truck’s ramps, which have been hanging out here due to taking scrap metal off the Island the last couple of times I’ve left.

My DH went back to our mainland home on the mid-afternoon boat. He again left his computer at his desk. I’m very proud of him for taking some time off. After he left, I picked a few more apples, did some preliminary closing up tasks, and relaxed. I’m ready to head back, and it’s always hard to leave.

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