Address Books

My uncle called me Friday. I let the call go to voice mail in order to center myself. I knew he’d call again! 🙃 When he did, he exclaimed he’d tried to call 3-4 times before…. Not. Long conversation short he let me know a cousin in FL had photos that were destined to head my way.

I called the cousin my uncle referenced me to, and we had a lovely conversation. This cousin is aware of my uncle’s illness. He and his wife are so sweet. Upon learning of my uncle’s birthday, they geared up a card for my uncle… Something I have never done. Perhaps I’ll follow suit!

When I talked to my uncle on Friday, he referred multiple time to how confused he was about his address book. He said lots of cousins had been calling, and he was trying to gather up their contact information. It was proving to be very difficult… too many people’s info scattered around, and it being too difficult to pull it all together into one address book. Oh, how this resonates deeply with my mom’s six address books… Possibly each one an attempt to gather and make sense of the others that came before it.

He is my uncle. Not my responsibility. I get to love him, rather than take care of him 💜.

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