Apple Integration

So, 2.5 years after switching my main computer from a very tired PC laptop to an Apple laptop, I finally finished dealing with transferring my email to the Mac. It was all about an antique Window’s email file not wanting to transfer over to the Mac. Long story short, all of my archived email is now on the Mac (thank you DH!!), along with current email. I’ll be able to slice & dice, and reorganize folders on the Mac now that everything is in one place.

One thing that struck me about all of this is a fundamental reorg of the email folders is due… I used to keep all things about the Island under a folder that referenced my parents. That needs to change. Lots of shifts of that nature. All in time.

I am so thankful to have this done, along with other operating system update snafus. It was a BIG line item on my lengthy list, and today was the day! 😃

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