Since returning from the Island, with amazing amounts of plums and apples, I’ve been ‘puttin’ food by.’

Apple, Rhubarb, Ginger Jam & Apple Butter
Apple Sauce – Still too hot to pose for the obligatory food-porn photo 😂. Yes, that’s a purple wall!
Plum Jam

We also have 4-half gallon Mason jars sitting in the downstairs pantry brewing a vodka based plum cordial. This year’s innovation is whole cloves in addition to cinnamon, lemon, ginger, and just enough sugar to call it a cordial. We’ll see how it turns out in December when we bottle it up for gifts!

Rough estimate… We picked 60 pounds of plums, and 50 pounds of apples, tho it sure seems like more apples than that! The plan is to head back to the Island at the end of the month, pick the remaining apples, return here, and then make cider using a friend’s cider press!

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