Dear Mom & Dad,

I took your great grandson on a walk today. A half mile from home it started to rain. He was delighted! Once home we brought firewood in, and he really wanted me to build the fire in the stove right away. So, on the first functional day of fall, we turned on the furnace, and built our first fire of the season. While it probably didn’t register as terribly important to a 2nd grader, I talked him through all the important aspects of building a fire in a sealed stove, just like you did for me. Safety, technique, what the stove bolts were for… The cat got really cozy with us as we sat in front of the fire. You were both so fond of Panther Boy. So it’s not all that cold, but it’s the way it makes us feel, collectively. Using/having wood form the Island property kinda closes an emotional circle for me. It’s like you’re both still keeping me warm. Thank you. I miss and love you 💜.

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