Boxes Retired

Well, at least on the mainland… I have everything of my parents, that I’m keeping, out of boxes. The items may not be in ideal places, or organized perfectly, but the cardboard is no longer part of the equation. I am able to be a little more ruthless in editing. Just because mom kept a clipping, thinking it was entertaining or informative, doesn’t mean I feel the same way.

One bonus in plowing through this is now all of mom’s poetry is in one place. Same thing for family correspondence, from when I was little to the last letters she received, all photos are in one room, Same with art destine for walls, and more… I know this isn’t a process that can be moved through quickly (physically or emotionally). I am not a patient person, by nature, and even though this was difficult, I can see the next phase of organization it led to (both physically and emotionally 😏).

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