A Moment, Please…

As in today I had a bit of a moment. Quietly and to myself, but some things kind of caught up with me while in the attic and then under the house.

The last large number of years have been dedicated taking care of my parents and their needs, in life and death. That’s OK. It’s what family does, right? Today, as I had to stop and vacuum up (more) mouse poop out of the nether regions of the house, I felt frustration. Normal, right? My DH helped me get the last few thing out of the attic, including a sealed bale of insulation we need in order to work on our closet project. There were framed portraits I don’t know what to do with. One is of me and my first husband on our wedding day. It’s 16×20.” I doubt the kids will want this. I threw out what was left of my kids dress up clothes (mouse poop). No, they don’t want them, but it made me sad. Normal, right? Under the house, which is overwhelmed because the attic is now 99.98% empty, was more of the same, except when it came to looking through what’s left in our storage boxes. They’re half full and lacking organization after being half purged. All my time spent on this sort of clean up has gone toward my folks records (which are in great shape). I actually found myself angry. Not at my folks, but at the situation in general. Like, I am now compelled to spend time under the house getting our shit together and edited all at once, rather than having been able to do it a little at a time, over the last 10-years, like a normal person.

Until I get the above done, there are a few things I can’t fit under the house. And everything that lives in the project closet is all over… I am not a neat freak, but I like things to go where they belong. I feel like we’re practicing for the kitchen remodel. Shit is everywhere 😡. OK, I’m done having my moment.

The upside is the fall decor, which resides under the house, is sprinkled all about. I love fall. It’s raining in earnest, and dinner (lamb shanks) is already made 🙃.

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