I realized about a month ago that if I tossed each piece of clothing I own that has holes or frayed cuffs, I’d be left with things that are no longer relevant to my lifestyle, are too big/small, weather incompatible, or hoodies. I’ve started recycling the most egregious items of clothings… Things my children wouldn’t want to be seen with me wearing in public. Tomorrow a pair of jeans, disintegrating around the embroidery fix I had so much fun creating for them, are going into the Ridwell box, along with a pair of capri jeans I bought for a Mexico trip over 7-years ago. They were so thread bare they ripped across the leg the other day.

I’ve started, slowly, looking for some new duds. One challenge is that pants today are high-wasted. Not only am I short-waisted, I really don’t have much of a waist 😂. Next time low waisted jeans are in style, I’ll buy 15-pairs!

Some of this feels like an opportunity to reevaluate my fashion sence, such as it is. We’ll see where it goes.

Fixing old jeans.

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