Mom Docs

Our checklist for Stella has always been electronic, and indeed was modeled off our (always printed) Excel checklist for Luna (our little trailer). Today I spent an hour and brought Luna’s checklist into the 21st century, particularly as my DH will finish gearing up Luna, and set out camping on his own next week. This trip in Luna if the first for my DH in two years and the first for me in 13-months. A combination of the pandemic and work has left precious little time for leisure.

As I made updates and changes to Luna’s checklist, and moved items from one format to the other, an item called Mom Docs gave me pause. Every time I’ve gone anywhere, since my father died, I’ve taken documents with me pertaining to my mama. For the first year they were informational, after that they were legal.

We bought and installed Stella after mom passed. Making sure to take Mom Docs has never been part of going to the Island to stay in Stella. I haven’t seen that reminder for 13-months. It was a weird relief/release somehow.

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