Winterizing & Camping

Our ferry system schedule is out of whack due to an aging fleet, lack of qualified crew (mentioned before) and some of those crew objecting to our governor’s mandate that all state employees be vaccinated by the middle of this month. Many employees (not just ferry folk) will lose their jobs, causing chaos throughout the state. 😳 Anyways, all this to say my leisurely reserved/scheduled boat to the Island this Thursday is somewhat tenuous as the schedule changes regularly. Even if all the boats are running, I’ll leave earlier than I expected to. It’s taking a lot of work prepping for both the Island trip and a camping trip to feel and know it’s all gonna be just fine 🙃.

The Island trip’s goals are to:

  • Mow for the final time this season,
  • Hang up a heavy plastic barrier between the pump room and the rest of the lower barn, now that we need to keep the pump room above freezing, but not the rest of the building,
  • Put away the irrigation on Stella’s slope,
  • Paint the trim around the new pump room door (the trim is primed, just no finish coat), if the weather cooperates,
  • Possibly have the season’s first ‘burn.’ There’s quite a nice pile ready to set ablaze, and I have my permit from the county.
  • Winterize Ms. Stella. this includes emptying her water tank, both holding tanks (and rinsing the black tank), finding out exactly at what level to set the electric heater to keep her at about 50-55 degrees, remove any opened dry goods, set up the dehumidifier, etc.
  • Look at tarping the lower barn roof. My roofer isn’t the most loquacious, and I need to button up the roof (leaking skylights).
  • Check the creek channel at the upper entrance to the property to make sure it’s clear. The winter before last the creek jumped its wee banks and caused some erosion.
  • Walk around the south side of both barns with a big magnet on a stick. Every time I’m there I find pieces of steel or wire and wonder why none of us have lost a tire,
  • Pick as many apples as I can fit in the back of the car 😂.

My neighbor to the east has introduced me to the gal who works for her from time-to-time, so I’ll have a day and a half of help.

Upon leaving the Island I’ll join my husband in our favorite campsite, at our favorite state park for 4-nights. We just replaced the (13-year old) tires on our little trailer, and she’s ready to camp. So is my Sweetie!

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