October 2021 Island Trip – Day 1

We checked for a ferry update at 10PM last night. No news is good news! At 10:13 they announced that my boat wouldn’t sail due to lack of certified crew. I discovered this at 5:45 this morning, and launched. Probably a record! Up and out of the house in 35 minutes, including loading the car, and waking up! I caught the 9:30, which left late, but I’m not complaining. I’m here.

Stella is mostly recovered from having the contents of a mostly full Subaru barfed into her interior. The bed is remade (still no washer here ~ that’s another post!), now all the fixtures have LED bulbs. No more weak blue florescent light. All the plastic hangers are swapped out for ‘velvet hangers.’ Please don’t roll your eyes too hard 🙄! We have about 38”of closet space, for both of us. These fuzzy hanger take up half the space of standard plastic hangers. It increased the usable closet space by, maybe, 25%. While the hangers are skinnier, our clothes are not. Every percentage point counts when all you have is 38” 😜. I got a good 2/3rds of the (riding) mowing done, including cutting some new areas. I know what I plan to do tomorrow, and have made quite the comprehensive list of things for my helper to do Saturday and Sunday. I also invoked my amazing line trimmer dude to come back for a season-end trim, which will vastly reduce the line trimming I was thinking of doing… (Self-care!)

I made my go-to boneless-skinless GF breaded baked chicken thigh for dinner (home grown yellow zucchini roasted along side). Still, I marvel at the luxury of this trailer! It can handle a toaster oven, and a microwave! And so much more. Kinda smitten 🦩💕.

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