October 2021 Island Trip – Day 2

Town furnished:

  • Some goo that might seal the skylights on the lower barn. After returning to the property, I finally heard from the roofer, who referred me to someone else. I called this person immediately and haven’t heard back from them,
  • A couple more ornamental grasses for Stella’s slope,
  • Some jams for Christmas gifts. My old drummer gets the Bourbon Bacon Jam. It’s like they made it for him,
  • Grass killer, also for Stella’s slope, but not the grasses I bought today 😂,
  • Two more tops, in the continuing effort of being able to look like an adult, when I choose to, rather than a vagrant,
  • Four packages of lox scraps, which we only seem to find (this sort) on the Island. Three are in the freezer,
  • Cash to pay our AN.

On the way back I stopped at our AN’s with plum jam (that I make and he and his family adore), and said cash. His lumber operation is most impressive. We chatted until his amazing wife called him for lunch. They’re plotting to have me over for a drink.

Once back at the property, I used the push mower to get into places the rider won’t go, then weed whacked the areas I want done now, and then finished up with the rider. To say I am tired is an understatement. Particularly my hands. I got the new plants in, and am dismayed by the weed situation on Stella’s slope, hence the grass killer. I spent some time popping out thistles and weeding around plants, but it’s going to take some serious (and careful) chemical intervention to solve this, and then lots of mechanical intervention (mulch and some landscape cloth) to keep it under control.

I also started putting things away for the winter. Our winds will toss anything weighing less than 20 pounds around, and anything more than that will be consumed by the grass no later than April 5th. The chairs and electrical spool by the fire pit are put away, and are the hoses that feed the soaker hose for the slope, and the timer. The soaker hose can stay… It’s already consumed by weeds.

There are only two things still on the list from today. That’s OK.

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