A friend on the Island gave us a drier this summer. I’ve been looking for a small washer ever since. The one I ordered on Amazon arrived damaged due to insufficient packing. I sent it back the next day, and decided I really needed to buy something I could put my eyes on before purchasing.

The next idea was to go to our large regional RV supply place. A phone call revealed they did indeed have a teeny washer, but for a larger price tag than I wanted to pay. My DH suggested that I spend the money. As previously mentioned, the laundry matt is ridiculously expensive.

The RV supply place not only had the wee washer, but they had a combo unit: The Washerdrier. I read about these some time ago, and recalled the main drawback being they don’t dry clothes all that quickly being 110 devices (because they are designed for RVs). After doing some quick research and reading reviews, I thought this was the unit for us. But it was even more expensive. I asked them to price match one of their competitors, which they did. So, for just a little more than I was resigned on spending, we now have a small footprint single unit that will wash and dry (And, most of 6-months of the year, we can line dry.). Small tho it is for its function, it does not fit in the car, and so will have to come up next time we bring the truck.

Now I have a full sized drier to give away.

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