October Island Trip – Day 3

After heading to bed really early last night (just after 9pm), I woke up before 7, made tea, and enjoyed reading, and catching up on email in bed for an hour. After breakfasting on an amazing GF and grain free granola (with fresh blue berries!), I set out to accomplish all the things.

  • The fire pit’s unused firewood, and kindling bucket (a very large aluminum pot) are put away.
  • Another load of rock is lining Stella’s garden slope.
  • My parent’s very old Weber BBQ is back under the lower barn overhang. The wooden handle on this BBQ is all but rotted off. My folks wrapped the handle in electrical tape, heaven know’s how long ago. We’ll come up with a handle hack. The BBQ is in pretty good condition
  • All the wasp traps are ‘in.’ I’ll finish cleaning then tomorrow. I really think they made a difference re how many apples were munched by wasps/yellow jackets.
  • I used recycled green house plastic to create a barrier between the pump house and dark room. This way we’ll only heat the pump room for the winter.
  • Some of the extra green house plastic was also used to line my mama’s white oak basket to house our damp/muddy shoes in Stella.
  • The fellow who did a lot of propane line work on the house came by and adopted 4-8’ fluorescent shop lights. It was good to see him. He and his family are doing well, just bought a house, and need light in their garage.
  • I tied the recalcitrant and elegant northern gate of dad’s garden closed, with rope. The bungie cord finally gave it up. Bricks are, hopefully, helping hold the the bottom of the gate still.
  • Eight reusable grocery bags are now full off apples. There is a tree and 2/3rd to go… I am going to have to employ boxes!

I had a lovely evening with my neighbor to the east. I brought lamb burgers and a red onion. She did taters and veggies. Good food and delightful conversation. She is part of our wee bubble.

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