October 2021 Island Trip – Day 5, Camping Trip Day 1

Today started very early, but with the success of getting onto an earlier boat. Closing up Stella and the property went perfectly, including black tank flushing, which brought out my inner 8-year old boy. The ravens were treated to some leftovers. They were ecstatic!

I had time to kill before meeting my DH at our fav state park. The fabric store, finding some lunch, and an antique shop helped me with this task. He made it to the park about 3-minutes before me. I found him backing our little trailer into the site.

There are big differences and big similarities between the trailers. Being the same brand many of the similarities are kind of physical in nature. Shape, storage solutions, and fundamental systems operations. Stella’s size and her (to us) luxuries are her main differences from our little trailer. Stella has fancier cabinets than our mainland home! But being a decade and half newer than our mainland home, one would expect that. The little tailer’s simplicity helps me relax, plus the fact that when we use the little trailer, we are vacationing whereas Stella is a home on a property that needs constant upkeep.

We’ve done almost all the trailer camping stuff today… A walk, a fire, good food, and a plumbing event! The little trailer doesn’t have a grey tank and so we attach a hose to where the grey water would otherwise pour out onto the ground, and run the hose into the woods. Our grey water hose has a kink in it and something went down the drain to fully block that kink. Water started backing up in the kitchen sink while my DH was doing the dishes. The shower pan is usually the low point/alarm signal for such things. The plug was in the shower pan. I removed the plug and a 12” geyser of water shot up into the shower pan! The grey water hose now has a crescent wrench keeping it’s kink open. We will buy a beefier hose that is kink-proof.

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