October 2021 Camping – Days 4 & 5

I went to the local quilting museum yesterday where there has never been an exhibit I didn’t enjoy. My DH stayed in camp enjoying some projects that he hasn’t had time for in far too long.

Today we lazed until we got rolling, and despite some real rain, got on the road with little delay. As we left the camp site area, with me following the trailer, I had a feeling of deep gratitude for our wee little trailer, and how much joy she brings us (plumbing adventures aside). She’s facilitated a lot of down time (and improved plumbing skills 😂) and has changed how we relate to environment while on the road. Because she’s so easy to live in, we have more time to get out and explore when we travel. Hot water, a fridge, stove, music, and a waterproof roof go really nicely with a campfire.

My moment of gratitude was instantly followed by the realization that this was the first time we’ve camped (a business trip 13-months ago in the trailer is not camping) since my mom passed away. And while I did not miss it in the moment, I do remember how difficult it was to be out of town for the last 10ish years. This won’t be a thing again. I don’t have to worry about mom. 💞

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