SF bound

Tomorrow I head toward San Francisco and environs. I’ll be driving (my daughter’s far newer car), and have my itinerary set through a week from tomorrow. A chat with my cousin, soon, who lives with and helps my uncle and his wife, will help me sort out the last few days of travel. I’m hoping to see my uncle, who is not well, on the way home.

This trip is kind of a ‘greatest hits’ of seeing friends in the Bay Area, including Tim, who returned to his winter abode last month. I also have a date with a sailboat to scatter my parent’s ashes. Other than Willie Nelson’s Stardust playing on the boat’s stereo, and pouring a couple of double martinis into the Pacific with their ashes, there are no plans for ‘ceremony.’ I’ll take aboard a copy of the photo of my parents that my eldest gave me for mama’s day (waterproofed), little vials of bubbles my middle daughter asked that we blow to represent those who couldn’t attend, and a few pieces of my mom’s jewelry to wear. My parents, dad in particular, were never big into ritual. A party, on the other hand, was something that they, dad in particular, both enjoyed. And as soon as it’s safe, really safe, to gather, we’ll have that party in the Bay Area and on the Island.

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