SF Trip – Day 1

I drove for over 7-hours and 400+ miles. It was a good drive, rain at the beginning aside, with about five stops. A quilt shop was involved… The car gets impressive mileage. I could have made it here without filling up, but never go below a quarter tank! I arrived at the historic inn that’s in the same tiny town where my parent’s and I used to camp. The minute I got to my room, a wave or weary hit me. Bedtime will be early, assuming the wedding festivities quiet down soon. These include shrieking children who are very excited about the over-the-top Halloween decor. The Inn is a perfect backdrop for the holiday!

My drive is shorter tomorrow. I’m going to stop by the cemetery where my grandparent’s ashes are buried, and sprinkle some of my dad’s ashes at the site. Mom offered my uncle, multiple times, some of my dad’s ashes so the family could rest together (my uncle’s ashes will be buried next to his parent’s when the time comes). According to my mom there were various reasons that my father’s ashes couldn’t be part of the ‘club.’ I don’t get to know if any of what mom said was true. She was well down her disease path when dad died, and was always paranoid about my uncle. Anyways, I’m doing this for my mother more than anything else! Dad knew where he wanted to be scattered!

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