SF Trip – Day 2

After a sketchy night which included a domestic event in the room above me, I enjoyed a farmer’s breakfast at the Inn, and then went to the camp ground where mom, dad and I spent many lovely days. This was the first place I scattered some of their ashes.

When I was a kid, this ‘frame’ held timber and created a dam. Limpets would climb and live on the downstream side of the dam. I thought they were pretty cool. Dad fished up stream. On drives through since, I haven’t seen the dam in place for decades.
Looking upstream toward removable dam sight.

My next stop was the cemetery where my grandparent’s ashes are buried. I drove right to the spot, despite not having been there since 2003. The site is outside the office where a kind woman had the groundskeeper interpret a ‘map’ in Excel, and find the exact location of my grandparent’s urns. I sat on the ground, spent 25 minutes reminiscing, the end of which some of my dad’s ashes were smoothed into the mulch above his parents. A probable misdemeanor… And I’m a happy little criminal for having done it!

The drive was much the same, including the dramatic and beautiful skies. As I drove into the higher elevations, the rains were hard enough that most drivers slowed down so as not to over-drive their windshield wipers.

As did my parents, I’ve made this drive so many times, since I was a wee kid, that I can’t count the trips. This trip, each exit and town name make me smile like they’re old friends somehow. I’m sure it has something to do with taking my parents on their final ride to the Bay Area,

I stayed with old friend’s last night. We had a lovey visit. I have two hours of driving today. This was by design!

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