SF Trip – Day 6

By the time morning rolled around the storm had ended, or moved on. It was sunny and the air smelled of Eucalyptus. I backed carefully out of the upstairs bedroom, making sure to leave nothing for Tim to do, including dumping the 4 or so gallons of accumulated drips from the roof leak. I was on my way by 10:30. Tim drove ahead of me the whole way out.

After gassing up in town, I met a girlfriend for lunch. We quickly realized we’d known each other for 40-years, After a walk and another hour sitting on a bench outside the now closed restaurant, we said our goodbyes. I headed west one town and am staying with another girlfriend, who I’ve known for 30-years. She and her husband, after a lovely dinner, headed to bed early. While I’d have loved more time this evening (we have tomorrow evening too), I am also glad for some time on my own. I am socially topped off for the day. Happy, but full.

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