SF Trip – Day 7 – Misdemeanors Managed

Today was full and lovely in a lot of ways. It started with a little time with my dear friend before she headed to work. I got to read for a spell, with the dog laying on her back in proximity. We were both very relaxed.

My first stop was at a local quilt shop. I found a number of treasures, including a map-themed quilt back for my husband. Not sure what the quilt top will be, but I couldn’t pass it up!

Next stop was my childhood neighborhood. The house I lived in, from the age of 4 to 16, is looking pretty good. It has solar panels on the roof!! And the garage door is down right swanky, as well as the driveway. On this same block is the house my first husband owned, in which we started our marriage. The front garden is completely different, and probably for the better. The garden is more fluid and offers more opportunity for creativity. After walking up and down the block, probably looking a little sketchy except that I’d stepped out of a Mercedes, I placed some my parent’s ashes in the front garden of our former house. There was zero opportunity to mix them into the soil, so I covered them with leaves. When committing misdemeanors, you do what you can.

I met my buddy for lunch. It was all too brief and we packed it with loads of catching up. After lunch it was off to campus where I bought a a large tea and, in the parking garage, mixed in some of the retained ashes. These were placed by the pool, at the center of campus, by my mom’s offices, and outside my dad’s building. This scattering wasn’t as soul satisfying as I’d hoped given that I really needed to be on the low-down. However, leaving the bulk of the ashes in the cobbles outside of dad’s work area felt really good. On my way back to the car I popped into the drug store, bought a large water, and rinsed the tea cup into the street trees. Mom and dad are now, mostly, spread in places they liked to be. The Island garden is all that remains. Mischief managed…

On my way back to my friend’s I stopped at another fabric store, Whole Paycheck, and then made dinner.

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