SF Trip – Day 8

I am writing from an Airstream that is part of a boutique hotel north of San Francisco. While it is very different than either of our trailers, it feels very much like home. This is the first night since leaving that I’ve had to myself, and that’s after having dinner with friends. It’s been incredible to see everyone, and I’m thankful that there are no further social obligations. And to that end, my uncle is unavailable to visit for medical reasons. He needs a transfusion on Friday. It’s for the best… Everyone I’ve seen is vaccinated, and what if in the unlikely event I picked up a case of Covid… He can’t be vaccinated. Even a visit at a distance isn’t worth the risk. The corollary is that I very likely won’t see him again.

After a garden walk at my friends this morning, I traversed the north bay twice, hitting a favorite fabric dying/ yarn/ clothing ‘blank’ store, Dharma Trading, and then explored a fabric store that is housed in a former (big) bank 🙃. The car was treated to a thorough wash, I fetched some goodies to bring to dinner, and then enjoyed three hours with my children’s nanny from over 30-years ago. She’s a pistol, and I love her just as much now as I did then.

Getting to the airstream took most of an hour. I am seriously tired. Tomorrow’s drive time is less than 6-hours, and there are some sights to take in along the coast.

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