SF Trip – Day 9

I was on the road by 9:20, and arrived at my destination by 4:30. I made three stops on the way, not including a pause at a grocery before finding my AIRBNB trailer. The one thing I’m finding comfortable about staying in trailers during a pandemic is they are easy to clean… They are small and are built to travel. So, less fussy widgets and decor for the owner to wipe down. A motel room is far bigger, and frankly, I trust an individual to take care of and sanitize their micro-business (trailer) far more than employees of a motel/hotel who have to clean dozens, if not hundreds of rooms.

I’m taking the west-coast road home. It’s longer with lots of twists and turns. The scenery is exquisite. I’m at the coast now, and will head northeast tomorrow morning, back to the main interstate thoroughfare. One of my children described this trip as a middle-aged retrospective, and that’s exactly what it’s been. I’ll sum that up in a future post.

Tomorrow I stay with my former bass player and his wife. I haven’t seen them in at least two and a half years. It’ll be a 6-hour drive, and the reward of hanging out with them is so very worth it! These are amazing humans. It leaves my final drive on Saturday short and doable.

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