Last Ashes

After a final overthinking whether I ought to ask my half-sisters if they want any of our fathers ashes (no – they had 8.5 years to ask), I combined the individual ashes remaining in the two half pint jars (that went to CA and back with me) into a one pint jar, sealed the jar, and gently rolled it back and forth. The last physical remains of my parents are together. The jar is tucked into the tote bag waiting for my/our return to the Island (next month).

I took the rinse water from the half pint jars, and with mom’s watered some fall mushrooms that pop up on an old hemlock stump each fall. She was the mycologist. I placed the rinse water from dad’s jar around the plum tree. He was the farmer. All of these placements of their ashes, big, small, and micro, feel really good.

I bought a small Bay Laurel tree the other day. Being deer resistant, we’ll plant it next month with some of mom and dad’s ashes. Mom loved bay laurel. I need to study up on the deer/fig symbiosis. Should they be similarly averse to one another, we’ll get a fig in the ground too. Deer are not fond of fuzzy leaves. We shall see.

Whether it’s a coincidence, or actually tied to releasing (most of) my parent’s ashes, I’ve been more centered, focused and able to finish up stalled projects since returning from the Bay Area. Kinda like getting un-stuck.

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