East entrance to the property, after three days of torrential rain.

My tenant, thankfully, wrote today to tell me she knew something was amiss at the eastern entrance to the property. She leaves and returns from work, these days, in the dark. My eastern neighbor took the video. My AN not only mitigated the problem the video shows, but also took care of the southern entrance to the property, where water was ignoring the culvert and cutting a swath across the common road. A new culvert is destined for the eastern entrance, and possibly the southern entrance. The existing culvert on the east entrance is 10”. The culvert diameter at the southern entrance, which takes ALL the ditch water from the common road, is unknown to me, but obviously needs enlarging.

I am SO thankful for my Island village. They used to help me take care of my mama. Now they are the eyes that help me keep our rainfall runoff from wiping out the common road 😘.

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