Jane’s 98th!

This afternoon we had a little gathering for Jane’s 98th birthday. She was in as good as spirits as I’ve seen her since going into care. Hints of humor showed through her otherwise reserved demeanor. She was glad to see her great grandson, grand daughter,’ and as always, was happy to enjoy chocolate!

We brought a wee cake, some chocolate dipped strawberries, grapes, blueberries, tea & fixings, and the aforementioned chocolate. Everyone enjoyed a little something, particularly enjoying Jane enjoy her gifts and cards. Her absolute favorite gift was a plush kitty my eldest sent to her grandma with a bouquet. We asked Jane if the kitty was a boy or a girl. She gave us an almost wicked look, placed the kitty upright so she could inspect it’s business end, and declared that it was a boy. The next question was what was she wanted to name it. She didn’t know… We offered, Pepper, Smokey, Cinder… She held the kitty and stroked it. Joan was always a cat gal. She said, as she handed the kitty to her granddaughter, “That’s one fine cat.” 😻

Given all the parameters (not everyone could attend, being in a care setting, keeping things very simple and short etc), I don’t think this afternoon could have gone better. The best thing Jane said was, “This looks like a very happy party, and I wish I could always be here.” That has significant meaning from someone with dementia. 💜

Jane and her new kitty!

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