December 2021 Island Trip – Day 3

We’ve been sleeping in. My DH has about two years of sleep debt to catch up on. Yes, our daylight is shortening, and daybreak comes later and later, however there is nothing like aircraft aluminum to keep the light out!! Today was grand in a country kinda way.

  • The electrical part of the lower barn remodel is complete.
  • The opening between the two spaces in the lower barn is 100%!! The header goes in tomorrow.
  • The two 9’ rolls of paper (photo back drop) were adopted today.
  • I took jam and homemade cordial to a neighbor and our tenant. Christmas cheer is wrapping me in its warm cloak, and it feels good.
  • We managed to separate the top from the bottom of the exiting lower barn cabinet. This involved removing the cast iron sink, which my dad caulked the living hell out of. I’ll say it again, my father was an absolute optimist when it came to putting things together. “No one will EVER want to undo what I have done!” For the most part, this is true! But the young biz owner who wants the cabinet does not want the sink, and needed the top and bottom separated (as did we) so it was easier to move into the upper barn (the place where all outgoing things reside).
  • I cleaned up and managed to reinstall the shelves in a rolling steel cabinet. Months ago the shelving mocked me. Today I won!
  • Our knife sharpener stopped by to pick up 4 knives. We enjoyed his company and knife geekiness for a spell.
A view of the author from the main lower barn space, looking toward the darkroom space. It’s very cold!
Work in progress.
A little Christmas in the lower barn.

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