December 2021 Island Trip – Day 6

We chose the color for the lower barn’s new roof today, a medium grey, and gave a the roofer a material deposit. This will be a very expensive endeavor, but far cheaper than allowing water infiltration continue to rot the building’s sheetrock, rafters and window framing, where a sweet solo mushroom is growing. The roofer will also remediate the wood stove’s chimney and chimney/roof interface. What a delight it will be to be able to heat the space.

The fellow who wanted to adopt the 10’ cabinet came buy to pick it up. He and a friend loaded it onto his Subaru 😳. My DH and I had a giggle as he told his friend that he’d “loaded some pretty amazing things on the roof of this Subaru!” We are thrilled dad’s cabinet has found an enthusiastic owner.

My DH installed a beefy wood block on the exterior of the lower barn next to the electrical junction that houses power going from the lower to the upper barn. This is the junction that I all but shattered with the sliding barn door… Replacing the junction is on the list. At least the wiring in the junction is intact!

I started some sheetrock replacement work with saved scraps (it’s too cold to mud and tape), and added insulation to the open plumbing/electrical wall in the pump room. I’ve also decided to close that opening up with plywood. It makes access so much easier that if we used sheetrock.

We’re having a very relaxed evening before gearing up to head out tomorrow. There are all sort of vaca activities I didn’t get around to, and I’m thrilled at how much we accomplished. Including lots of sleeping.

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