Class Action Law Suit Payout

The company that owns the community my mama lived in for her last 3+ years was sued (class action) in two states, ours being one of them. I didn’t have to do anything to join the class. Having known rather a lot of people who worked for the company, including the gal who owns the therapeutic horticulture garden company I worked for, I couldn’t disagree with the suit’s accusation: “Pricing increases for needed services did not result in additional staff hiring.”

The payout for mom’s portion of the suit came in with the bolus of mail delivered today. It amounted to about 15% of the community fee she (I wrote the check) paid for the privilege of living in what was a high end, academically oriented community. In many ways it was perfect for mom, except she couldn’t split firewood, drive, or cook for herself. I did have issues with the community’s communications the further down the path mom got. I also knew hiring nursing staff was a budgetary problem when my daughter was running health care in the building. However, my kid was in charge of health care, and so I knew my mom was ok. After my daughter left the building, and then the company, I wasn’t always so assured of mom’s well being.

Having this money in hand, the last inbound check that has both of our names on it, will allow me to close mom’s checking account. It’s another step, milestone, administrative moment that allows me to have one less file in a drawer, one less account to track, one less monthly statement arriving in the mail. I’d give anything to have my mom here in this plain, and keep track of these sorts of tasks for the rest of my life.

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