December 2021 Island Trip – Day 7

A threatened wind storm (gale warnings promising gusts to 50 knots) didn’t materialize in any serious way on the Island overnight. It rained impressively, flooding the dip in our road before it meets the main drag.

This is why AWD or 4WD is a necessity on the Island. The water was simply this high on the right side of the road, and flowing to the left side. There is always standing water on either side of this part of the road. Add torrential rain, and it’s going to flood.

Closing up went easily, and faster, with two of us. My DH had a chance to chat with our tenant as she was heading to town. We were on our way to the ferry landing one minute behind schedule.

Once in town we, and I kid you not, had to avoid hitting a dead rat on the road. We looked at each other and yelled, “ROADKILL!!!” My DH then went into full acting mode: “We have enough time to take the rat back for the ravens and still meet our boat!!” I was laughing uproariously (not recommended while driving 😏) We passed a crow within 200’. I told the crow to get on with his job of street cleaning. We find ourselves very entertaining. I’m sure others think we’re nuts 😂.

We strolled for 40-minutes after putting the truck in line, accomplished a little Christmas shopping, said “Hi” to a classmate and his GF, and discovered the craft shop is going out of business. 😪 I bought a large gel-plate for mono printing on fabric.

We decided to take the long drive home, again stopping along the way to accomplish some more ‘local’ holiday shopping and having an extremely rare lunch out.

We’re unpacked, laundry is underway, the cat is done complaining about our absence (his pet sitter took exceptional care of him), his crazy hour is winding down, tho he’s still parading about with last week’s Sunday comics on his back (really!), and my DH is taking next steps with dinner. It’s always a struggle to shift from Island Time to Real Life. But we’re making a good go of it.

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