The Potential of Paper

I have always been attracted to papers… Writing, drawing, art, scrapbook, notebooks, water color, even Post-its, which my mother left me a 20-year supply… I bought an antique map case last year to house all the large format paper that I have collected, and that my parents gave me over the years.

Paper represents potential. The potential of writing, calligraphy, collage, decoupage, mono (and other) printing, making cards, lining and covering handmade books, creating their pages to fill with anything you want (!), lining envelopes, making a statement in your communication, experiencing joy that your shopping list is practically a work of art due to its texture, and that you’ll use it to ignite a fire after you’re done shopping. Paper holds the potential of tactile and artistic pleasure in so many more ways than I can describe. And to have legacy paper is truly a gift.

I have always pressured myself to DO something with the papers. This last week I realized I don’t have to figure out an end game for them. Yes, I do use them for projects, but perhaps at a slower pace than I collect 😏. Having lovely resources can be enough on its own., especially the antique pieces.

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